at Your Events & Transparent Point of Sale.

We make payments easy for patrons attending our cashless events. With a RFID wristband and a simple enrollment process, customers can tap and spend freely throughout the entire venue.

Our cashless system utilizes proprietary wireless communication and bundled POS hardware that increases sales through speed and shorter lines at every game, ride, and concession stand.

Cashless RFID Services

Tired of theft, handling cash or weighing tickets? Our RFID electronic currency, touchscreen hardware, and POS software increases sales while eliminating shrinkage and underreporting. Our full-service cashless programs include:

  • RFID wristbands
  • Touch-screen hardware
  • Customizable POS software
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Merchant processing
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Contactless Payment

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Electronic Point of Sale

We provide a transparent financial management system that eliminates the exchange of cash at games, rides, and concessions.

Cash and credit card transactions are slow, time consuming, and require human reconciliation and manual audits.

However, wireless RFID payments are processed in milliseconds with computer generated accuracy and automated reconciliation.

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Merchant Processing

We provide comprehensive credit card processing in an open-loop or closed-loop cashless environment. In a closed-loop application, a credit card is charged for a specific amount of tokens and loaded onto the RFID wristband.

In an open-loop application, a credit card is pre-authorized for a specific amount and tied to the RFID wristband with a personal ID. At the end of each day or the entire event, a single transaction is processed for all purchases made by the customer during the entire special event.

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Real-Time Vendor Reports

We post every retail transaction to a central database and reconcile each vendor POS station throughout the duration of the event. Our real-time reporting provides vendors with daily profit and loss statements and detailed transaction reports that can be recalled by the minute hour, day, week, month or fiscal year.

Our POS software help vendors manage their inventory, returns, voids, time-clock, and daily ACH settlements. We eliminate cash handling so that vendors can focus on their daily operations and improve their customer service.

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Wireless Mesh Communication

Our proprietary telecommunication infrastructure delivers reliable merchant transaction processing at any venue. We utilize ruggedized nodes that instantly create a self-establishing mesh network that delivers reliable Wi-Fi access at any venue.

This resilient, high bandwidth wireless network can be rapidly deployed to cover any size special event.

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